Upcoming Project

The script and story is taking shape.  The title may finally remain.  The characters’ message is maturing.  I grow in anticipation with this particular project since I have high expectations for it.  This story that I have written deals with three big questions:  1.) What is the Kingdom?  2.) What is man?  3.) What is sin?  It is these three questions that drive the story and orchestrate the events that unfold over the course of a thousand years.  The protagonist of our story (Jonathan Peterson) is thrown into a place and time he does not understand and is taught the secrets of the Kingdom of God.

This story is a spiritual journey and will contain many ambiguous and strongly poetic cinematography, transporting the viewer into another world.  I have several candidates in mind to take up the mantle of cinematographer.  I also have a “wish” list for the actor and actress to play Samantha (Jonathan’s wife) and Jonathan himself.  I also have a few candidates in mind to compose the original score for this tale.  But, of course first thing comes first…funding.  And in order to get funding, I have to make sure my T’s are crossed and my I’s are dotted.  Story boards are next on the To-Do-List.

As I continue the process of drawing the shot compositions for this project, do not hesitate to share with anyone this upcoming project.  I plan on using local talent in the Philadelphia area in all aspects of production.  If you have experience and/or desire to work on this project, send your resume and cover letter to danielcpickett@gmail.com (storyboard artists are welcomed to apply!!!).  Please note that compensation will be on a deferred basis since funding has not been gathered as of yet.  What I can offer is the chance for creative minds to collaborate together to create a visually stimulating story.  If you are up to the challenge and the experience, join me on this adventure as we move forward.  Thank you!

Daniel C. Pickett


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