Dreams, Visions, and Memories

While we prepare ourselves for the preproduction phase of our short film project “The Sacred Eternal”, we stop and contemplate on the many themes presented in our screenplay.  What exactly are dreams?  How do they relate to visions that we have of the future?  And how do they transform the memories of our past?  These are questions that the audience will be left to answer after viewing our visual story.  There are times, as human beings, that we have an inherent desire to picture and experience a perfect world on Earth.  Where evil did not exist.  Where pain and suffering was done away with and peace and love reigned supreme.  It’s as if we look at the evil others do and know that something is wrong.  In a world where genocide, murders, wars, starvation, and disasters are rampant, it is no wonder we long for a time when all of these things will be things of the past.  We long for a time when our dreams of a coming utopia will transform our painful memories of this present evil world into memories of hard lessons learned.  Could it be, after all of our longing, that that time is in fact coming?  Could it be, that the Earth will finally know eternal peace?  Could it be, that a literal coming Kingdom will finally show us what our world will look like when His way of life is applied?  May your search for these answers be not in vain.


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