Our Auditions Come to a Close

On July 20th, we had our first audition for “The Sacred Eternal” and was wowed by how much talent had showed up that honestly wanted to be a part of our production.  A week later, on July 27th, we had our 2nd auditions and I must say, we had more talent pour in this time around than last time!  We were definitely busy all day today!  From organizing our schedule, scripts, sides, headshots, and recording each casting session, we were on our toes the entire time!  We did get a sincere compliment on how we held one of the most professional auditions they’ve ever experienced.  And that meant a lot to us.  We put a lot of work into being professional to both our talent and crew but at the same time, having a sense of humility, integrity, and compassion in how we deal and work with our talent especially.  We understand the nervousness, vulnerability, and uneasy struggles that comes from being an up and coming actor/actress in the film industry.  So, our hearts and sincere salute goes to all of our hard working, dedicated talent that took the time to get to know us and our passion project.  We are deeply humbled.

Now that casting should be over, we will be racking our brains for the rest of the week in choosing the cast for “The Sacred Eternal”.  We will try to have our casting announcements by the end of this week/weekend.  There is still so much that needs to be done after our cast is chosen!  We are planning on jumping right into rehearsals by next week or the week after and in the middle of that process, I will be meeting with our Director of Photography to discuss further our plans for lighting, shot composition, locations, and storyboards.  While this is going on, we will launch our funding/marketing campaign for all those that want to be a part of this project but can’t get to us face to face.  If you want to help bring this production to life, we are open to donations which will have AMAZING incentives attached to them.  From free Exclusive Backer’s Edition DVD sets, to t-shirts, free entries to our wrap party, and special tickets to our premiere in a major city, there are many reasons to help us bring this story to life!  We honestly believe that investment is a TWO way street.  You invest in us, we will invest in you.  It’s that simple.

So, again, I can not stress this enough, I am humbled by all that came out and I am moved by this project all over again.  Hearing our talent say the words and act them out before my very eyes gives me chills and reminds me of why I wrote this story in the first place.  It’s a chance for the gospel of the Kingdom of God to be told in a new and exciting way.  So THANK YOU to all of our talent that came out.  We commend you, we honor you, and we salute you.  And remember we will not forget you.  For every film that comes out after this first one that will continue our story, there will be another character that will be introduced.  We will always keep you in mind even for our future roles!  So thank you for coming out and hanging with us.  We deeply appreciate your dedication.

In closing, I will say that no matter what your dreams are in life, always remember that what you have become always trumps what you have accomplished in life.  So, keep dreaming, keep pursuing, but never forget to be who you were always meant to be.

Keep posted on our updates, you will not want to miss the next few announcements we will post!  May God through our Lord Jesus Christ bless you, keep you, and guide you through this life and into His glorious Kingdom.



Daniel C. Pickett (Writer/Director)


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