Be a Part of The Sacred Eternal

There are two paths we can follow:

The Path of Knowledge or the Path of Life.

One leads to Nothingness and the other leads to Eternity.

Therefore…Choose Your Path of Destiny.

Our first project, The Sacred Eternal is a short film and a pilot of a miniseries. The story is centered around the future event of an approaching, Eternal Kingdom.  A thousand years into the future, when God’s Kingdom has been established here on Earth, many will be raised to life again.  Of these many, Jonathan, who had no reason to believe in the divine, is brought back to life and is given an opportunity to learn the meaning of life.  Jonathan’s wife, Samantha, is given the honor of teaching Jonathan God’s ultimate plan for humanity.  It is in this hope that he will let go of the pain caused by this present life and embrace the joys of a future, eternal life with her in His Kingdom; Samantha gives her all in bringing Jonathan to the light of truth in hopes that together they will live forever.  

To be a part of The Sacred Eternal and to donate to our production, click here  ——> IndieGoGo

The Characters:

Jonathan Peterson –  Played by BENJAMIN KANES (The Other Guys, Transformers 2) He takes his marraige seriously and tries to understand his wife’s recent conversion to Christianity. He has little reason to believe in the existence of the divine.

Samantha Peterson –  Played by JENN GOTZON (Frost/Nixon, Doonby) She is torn between her new found faith and her commitment to her husband. She is a caring and guiding force in Jonathan’s life and is committed in teaching him the ways of God.

Pastor Johnson –  Played by DAVID SHAVER (10 Seconds, The Job)  He is the pastor of the Church of God Samantha attends. He has a gentle heart and guides Samantha in teaching her husband about the Kingdom of God.

Ezra Reginald –  Played by ALTORRO PRINCE BLACK (Second World II: Blood, Fire, Smoke / Missing Link)  He is Jonathan’s colleague and friend. His immature and uncommitted lifestyle cost him his marriage.

***We were especially thrilled to be contacted by Jenn Gotzon through her agent when she heard of our project!  When we learned that the actress that played in Ron Howard’s Academy Award nominated film “Frost/Nixon” wanted to be a part of our production, we were overwhelmed with joy and excitement!!!  We knew that Jenn along with Benjamin, David, and Altorro, would be well able to breathe life into our characters who are set in this overwhelmingly powerful event of the coming Kingdom of God!

The Impact

The impact this project will have on others is monumental!  We believe that everyone, big or small, is looking for meaning in their lives.  Everyone has questioned to themselves: “Who am I?”, “Is there a God?”, “What is the meaning of life?”, “What is humanity’s ultimate destiny?”.  Because of that, we are producing a film that seeks to give answers to these BIG questions.   That is why this story will impact anyone who has ever asked these questions at least once in their lives.  Whether you agree or disagree with the answers presented in this film, it will nevertheless impact many by the visuals and style of its cinematography and will ultimately drive audiences to want to research even deeper the answers to life’s biggest questions.

If we do not reach our goal and if this production is not made, then we will not be able to inspire and impact audiences by illustrating the beauty of this coming Kingdom.  We understand that our film can make a difference in the lives of individuals who watch it and we want to be able to give them a new perspective about our place in the grand scheme of things.  We want to reassure audiences that what is in store for humanity and this Earth is greater than anything our imaginations can hold!  But, without this film getting made, we won’t be able to reassure our supporters the greatness of this plan for humanity.

What We Need & What You Get

We need $40,000 to make this all happen.  We need this funding to help pay for the equipment, the locations, the transportation, the wardrobe, the make-up, our cast, our crew, the postproduction, the editing, color correction, audio mix, distribution costs, dvd duplications, merchandising expenses, film festival fess, and marketing.  By helping us in your contribution, you will officially be a part of our production and our creative family.   So, in turn, we will offer to you many, many incentives: free digital downloads of the film and behind the scenes footage, dvd copies of the film, movie posters, t-shirts, blu-ray copies, tickets to our premiers and after-parties and SO much more!  We want to make sure that you get first pickings in our finished product.  We will deliver our incentives once our film is completed which we project to be mid March of 2012.  Until then, we will keep all of our supporters updated on the process and give you free access to our behind the scenes footage.

Please, please donate what you can, $10, $15, $25, whatever you are able to give and help us make this production possible.  It is a powerful story of love, eternal life, and the coming Kingdom of God!  Thank you for your support and contribution!


Daniel C. Pickett


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