2nd Draft Under-Construction

As I continue the 2nd draft of my script, I can’t help but to realize the importance it is for me to remain Biblically accurate with my message.  After going through my 1st draft, I couldn’t help but feel that I was telling a powerfully engaging story.  At least one that I myself would find rich and vibrant.  The story is what I like to call a “poetic conversation that spans over the course of a 1,000 years.”  It is in this conversation that we come to understand the ways of God and His divine plan for humanity.  It’s an exciting feeling!  But, Biblical accuracy is the most important element in my story-telling.  The point of going this route, the reason I’ve been in seclusion for two years, the purpose of my own life conversion, is to tell stories portraying the same truth that transformed my life.  What point then would remain if my stories do not reflect the truth that set me free?  So, I have come to the realization that no matter how good I think my 1st draft is, like so many great screenwriters have said in the past, “The 1st draft is crap.”  So, out with the old, in with the new.  The writing continues, and I promise you, the story will remain engaging but most importantly, informative into the glorious future that awaits us all!  Stay tuned for future updates!


-Daniel C. Pickett

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Transforming Thoughts

While working on my script for my first short film, I couldn’t help but to contemplate on some thoughts that came to mind.  Earlier today, or I should say last night, a customer labeled me as being rude to her.  Now, for many of you that do not know, I work as a Total Rewards Coordinator at Bally’s Casino.  Allow me to give you the back drop of this type of job.  I essentially work in two departments, both of which deal with customer service and their needs.  One being Total Rewards itself, where customers come and complain and/or request information about their comps and rewards accounts.  The other department is Bally’s Bus Center, where we greet mostly garrulous but sometimes intoxicated customers and give them slot machine vouchers.  Now, on my course of learning the ways of God and what it means to be a Christian, I can say quite honestly that I do not have it all nailed down.  When I look in the mirror, do I see the One that I try to resemble?  The answer to that question is a resounding “NO!”  Worse yet, when others see me and what I do and how I act, do they see the reflection of the One I say I represent.  I might be able to speak for many with yet another resounding, “NO!”  So here is a dilemma that I am faced with.  If under one breath I say I represent Christ and His coming Kingdom, and yet I act in a manner that is contradictory to who Christ is and what His Kingdom represents, then am I not by the strictest of terms a hypocrite?

When the customer labeled me as being rude, I had to recheck myself.  Mountains of excuses began to pile around me as I tried to shield myself from the pain of admitting that perhaps I was in fact rude.  We tend to do that don’t we?  When we are confronted with a nasty part of our personalities or when we are corrected with something we need to work on, we tend to make excuses to some how put the blame on someone or something outside of ourselves.  We’ll say things like, “Well, they shouldn’t have done this…”  or “They shouldn’t have said that….”  Some how someone else has caused us to act unseemly, or in this case rude.  But, when I looked closer at myself, I realized that I am the one who has to make a choice.  And suddenly, something incredible happened.  I realized that I have the final say.  Even when things are not going my way, that doesn’t mean that I have to take out my frustrations on unsuspecting customers.  Think about it.  How can I possibly represent Someone who is the absolute image of God Himself if I can not handle my own frustrations?  Am I not to handle the world with care and gentleness as a mother dove nurses her young?  How can I become a public representative of Christ if I can not keep in check the parts of my personality that are ungodly?

I think when we take each day one by one, and surrender each day to our Father, we slowly weaken those parts of us that are ungodly.  It can only happen by the Power of His Spirit.  I, by myself, can not stop or subdue the evil nature within.  That is why I need salvation.  That is why you and me need Someone to redeem us.  Our nature of ungodliness can not lead us to God.  But since it is our nature, then how can we subdue it?  Another Nature must enter within us and make war with the evil nature that lies within.  And that is what I am going through my friends.  There is a war that is being waged within me.  On one side, there is the nature of sin and death, and on the other side, there is the nature of God and Jesus Christ.  Only one can win in this battle and the one that I give the most attention to and the most time to will undoubtedly win.  This is the battle my main character faces.  He longs to be like the One who has called Him, only to discover that he still has a Human Nature he has yet to defeat within himself.  This is the battle we find ourselves.  Which Nature, which Will, which Life, will we live?  And that question ultimately leads us to equally thought-provoking questions.  What kind of battle do you face within yourself?  What life are you trying to live?  What destiny are you trying to fulfill?  Have you known God and gotten to know Him?  How do you measure up to Him that has the power to raise you to Eternal LIfe?  Are you worthy to bear His name?  These are questions that I ask myself everyday.  Now, I am determined to represent the One who called me out of this world and into His marvelous Light.  I hope that you too may catch a little of this contagious motivation to seek His face and to become just like Him.  I pray that the answers to these questions will be revealed to you and that you will be transformed into a new creation, bearing His Nature of Righteousness.

Daniel C. Pickett

The 2011 Demo Reel of Daniel C. Pickett

To all of my fans,

I wanted to take this time to share with you some of my thoughts over the course of these two years and hope you can get some insight in who I am as a person.

[Destiny] – the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events.

I’ve contemplated very heavily throughout my life about my own destiny.  Haven’t you?  I used to ponder the questions “Who am I?”  “Why am I here?”  “Who is God?”  “What is man?”  All my life I’ve been searching for these answers.  All my life until the year 2009.  After graduating from Full Sail University with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Film, I went through a series of life changes.  In many ways,  I was becoming a different person entirely.  My personal beliefs about the world, life, God, and mankind had been radically transformed and suddenly, what seemed to matter to me during college was not that important any more.

It’s kind of hard to explain.  It’s like I was walking around with a veil over my eyes, thinking I had the world figured out.  It took about 3 months after graduation for the truth to be revealed to me, and to be honest, it rocked my entire life.  Everything I believed myself to be, and who I was to become, was transformed.  I wasn’t so sure of where I was going before graduation, but after my life began to change, the Destiny became more clear to me.  More real to me.  For the first time in my life, I felt as if Someone had reached deep within me and planted a seed of potential.  I know I may be sounding vague with all of this.  You may call it a paradigm shift or a crisis of faith.  But no matter what anyone calls it, the truth is that my beliefs have changed everything I am and will ever do.

Which would explain why I’ve been laying “dorment” for two years now.  It took me two years to attain my Bachelor’s degree in Full Sail.  It would take more years to earn another type of “degree”.  I was in the process of discovering who I really was and what I am to do with this life of mine.  The answers to my life-long questions were slowly and gradually being revealed to me.  Like crawling before you walk, I had to relearn and unlearn many things for this transformation to be complete.  Now that I’ve been blessed with those answers, I can safely say that now I am gathering myself to reveal the projects I’ve been wanting to bring forth.  There are stories that I want to tell that will act as the megaphones of my beliefs.  I hope they will ignite conversations and stir up debates.  I pray that it will inspire others to search for the truth and live life more abundantly.  I hope that you personally will join me on this journey and discover this Destiny that has been revealed to me and that is before us all.

The Destiny is real.


– Daniel C. Pickett

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The Destiny is Real

The launch of the 2011 demo reel is underway.  All of my past work will come together in a visual presentation hopefully to illustrate what the future will have in store.  I have many stories to tell and I hope you can see my vision through the eyes of this reel.  I’ve created a teaser for the reel to build buzz for my future projects.  Check out the video and show your support!

Follow the Path ——> tinyurl.com/​3vkk9tq

2011 Demo Reel coming soon…

With the launching of my updated demo reel, this will be a landmark in the beginning of a new chapter of my life.  It took two years after I graduated from Full Sail University to find the path I am destined to tread.  After being called and joined to an eternal family, I am now ready to take this life of mine to the next level.  The stories I am writing, the vision that I possess, and the company I am raising will begin with this first launch of all of my previous work.  What has lead me to this point and where will I go from here?  The path will soon be revealed.  The answers are coming…

Stay tuned for updates and further promotional photos for my demo reel 🙂