#FilmFriday Suggestion – THE LAST SAMURAI

Last week’s #FilmFriday Suggestion was The Last Samurai!!! A powerful, well-crafted epic set in 19th century Japan takes you on a journey of self-discovery and a new appreciation of the meaning of the word “honor”. With amazing fight choreography, exceptional performances from Tom CruiseKen Watanabe, and Koyuki, this film will transport you into the lives of the Samurai and open your eyes to a world you may not have experienced before. Check out this epic film as soon as possible!!!!


#FilmFriday Suggestion – FINDING NEMO

Today’s #FilmFriday Suggestion is Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich’s Finding Nemo!!! Pixar has overdone themselves with this lush and vividly imaginative tale from the deep blue sea. The deeply flawed characters in this film keep you laughing and emotionally connected to the plot. From an overprotective father, stoner sea turtles just going with the flow, and sharks battling their own regressive instincts, this film will make you laugh and cry from start to finish. Enjoy this family flick this weekend 🙂

#Film Friday Suggestion – THE NOTEBOOK

Today’s FilmFriday Suggestion is Nick Cassavettes’ The Notebook (2004)!!! Based off of the novel by the same name, this film has been hailed as one of the most romantic movies of our generation; and for good reason! From it’s captivating wrap-around story of two old couples struggling with a certain illness, to it’s central story of love between a rich city girl and a poor country boy, this film touches our emotional side and never lets go. If you love the kind of romantic stories that takes you back to memory lane and inspires you to fall in love all over again, then check out this romantic feature this weekend! WARNING: You may need a tissue handy by the end of this film!!!