“Do not become.  Just be.”

That is his mantra.  The credos that governs his life and his ambitions.  An up and coming writer, producer, and director, Daniel C. Pickett constantly strives to tell stories that will not only move, but change the audiences that view them.  Whether the topics excite conversations or ignite debates, Daniel is a story-teller with one mission in mind: “To illustrate the beauty of life and all of its secrets to the masses.”

Daniel C. Pickett is known by his colleagues and close friends as being a visual and prolific story-teller in both film and in writing. He is an orthodox idealist, and sees film and video as one of many tools mankind can use to illustrate the beauty of life. It is by this creed that he defines himself not just as a film professional, but as a humanist spreading a message: a message of hope, renewal, and inspiration in a world that desperately needs it.

He is currently in the preproduction phase of his first short film “The Sacred Eternal”.  Principal shooting will take place in Philadelphia south New Jersey area, and in the Poconos/mountain areas of Pennsylvania.  For any production or post-production help or assistance, he can be reached by email at danielcpickett@gmail.com.

To close….here’s another quote 🙂

“I am not by title a film producer, film director, nor a film editor.  What I am by title, is a Creative Pioneer.  And by that, I take on the gravest of responsibility.  Not only to my career or even my industry, but to my entire generation.”  – Daniel C. Pickett


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